Supported Charities

Every year the Auckland All Ford Day committee chooses a charity or charities to support.

This years' charitable recipients are Variety Club and Hospice North Shore. You may have heard about them, but please click on the link below to read more about this worthy cause.

Hospice North Shore

The Trillian Trek is the new name for the Variety Bash. It’s the same group of committed, caring people who have been raising money for Kiwi kids in need for more than 25 years. With the new name comes a new partnership with New Zealand Blue Light, a charity that has been empowering young people in Kiwi communities since 1983. We very proudly take our name from Trillian Trust — its ongoing and unwavering support of our efforts in the communities we visit has been, in a word, awesome! 

The Trillian Trek 2017 is 1700km, 135 people, 34 vehicles, 20+schools and a heap of communities between Matamata and Cape Reinga.

To find out more infomation on Trillian Trek, please click on there logo to be redirected to there website.

Hospice North Shore is a local charity. They provide compassionate, specialist care to people who are dying, while supporting their families and caregivers..